I set up the charitable movement called World Onesie Day to help raise money for children’s educational creative charities. Every year I will be choosing a charity to support through World Onesie Day, this year we have chosen the SAG Foundations program BookPALS. Bookpals is a fantastic charity that is designed to provide an opportunity for performers, gifted in the art of storytelling, to help develop a love of reading in children and give back to their local communities.

Encourage your school to get involved and host a day where the staff and students have the chance to wear a onesie for a day. World Onesie Day will be held on the 4th of December, all participants who wear a onesie will each donate one dollar, this can be done via the sag website www.sagf30.org under the dropdown menu “Use My Donation Support” then choose BookPALS which is the 1st selection on the list.

Book Pals is a charity that is very close to my heart because of my love of reading and passion to help others. I think it is a wonderful concept and I can’t wait to spread the word via World Onesie Day and in turn be able to donate to the cause.

I will need your help to spread the word online by hashtagging #WOD #WorldOnesieDay and #GetCosyInTheClassroom. Send us snaps of you and your friends in your onesies and we will be picking our favorite and giving a secret prize to the winner!

We at World Onesie Day HQ cannot wait to have you on board to wear your onesie’s with us this December!

Please email us at ebt@uplusproject.com for any further information.