World Onesie Day is a charitable movement set up to help to raise money for creative children’s charities. Every year Isabella will be choosing a charity to support through World Onesie Day, once selected and agreed she will plan with various schools and organizations to host a day where all staff/students have the chance to come in wearing a onesie. This will be held on the 5th of December every year. All participants who wear onesie‚Äôs will each donate one dollar, which will be collected together. Isabella will then donate all proceeds to her chosen charity. In this case, book pals.

Isabella will be involving her celebrity friends Aubrey Miller, Olivia Sanabia and Gabe Eggerling in the day. Asking them to help with the social media push in the weeks running up to the event. With a combined reach of over 180 thousand people via social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. She will be running her own social media campaign on the run up to the day creating a buzz around the event, and utilizing her contacts to spread the word. Book Pals is a charity that is very close to Isabella’s heart because of her love of reading and passion to help others. She thinks it is a wonderful concept that she would love to spread the word about via World Onesie Day and in turn be able to donate to the cause.