WOD (world onesie day)is a charity that helps the homeless. Once a year lots of people will wear onesies around the world to help raise the awareness for homeless people. It will make people aware they are “someones someone” and that, whether its time or an object or an experience that this thing will make a difference in their lives, its not just about building shelters or giving money, its about bringing homeless people back into the community. Please follow me to see how Gary wanted to not talk about why he was homeless or tell me about his worries, he wanted to laugh and most importantly sing. He wanted to share with me that he was a rockstar and wanted to play the guitar and sing with me. People looked at us as they passed but for Gary we were in his sitting room playing with him as his band. It might not seem much but I saw the smile on his face just for half an hour. I want us to stop and speak to the hundreds of homeless people around us and ask them what they want. What did they want to be when they were growing up? What is there favorite food? What is their favorite color? Talk to them as if they weren’t homeless. Please watch my trailer and pass this round.

World Onesie Day will happen on Dec 1st

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