My Birthday! This year my birthday party was a little different, it was themed! It wasn’t themed like a little kids party but themed like my favorite show,’Once Upon A Time.’ aka, the best show of all time. I invited 6 friends which made 7 of us in total. We all had to dress up as a character from the show, I dressed up as Ariel the mermaid. You can see the picture on my Instagram @isabella_b_t
I bought a tail from Bella Beach Kids in Manhattan Beach, California and wore in the pool. I had the party at Teranea on Palos Verdes, California. We arrived at the hotel on Sunday in the morning and got everything ready then after lunch everyone arrived and we went swimming. We went swimming for 3 hours then went to a sushi restaurant at 5:30 and saw the Super, blood, lunar eclipse and then went up to the room to watch the season 5 premier of the show. The Super, blood, lunar eclipse is extremely rare. The next one will happen in 2287 and the next solar eclipse will happen in 2017 so I can’t wait! I can’t wait for the next episode!