Where’s Boo @ is an online travel show. I want to give other people an insight into new, exciting and even undiscovered places. Every city I visit I will try their foods, experience different cultures and explore interesting new landscapes. When I travel to different places I won’t be taking limo’s or staying in fancy hotels, I will be staying in the typical houses of that culture or in Motels. This show is unlike any other because I am a young person living the life of the inhabitants. I love traveling and always have done. I want to share my experiences with other people around the world so that they can share my passion for traveling and see that everywhere is filled with something exciting to discover. Each episode will be as follows; I will travel to the place by car, train, plane or boat. When I arrive I will start to explore, by eating the local food, learning some history and living like a local. I will review many of the things I do and places I visit, writing them up on my blog. If you have somewhere for me to visit and something for me to try, please write to me.
This is not your normal travel show because I am a young person traveling who really wants to experience the world and find out more about it.
Watch the show on YouTube or on www.koolisabella.com/productions/wheres-boo-at/

WB@ LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPksk-Ru0jw