Nemesis: William’s spoilt neighbour is the originator of the chilling threat to ‘scream and scream till I’m sick’

William’s lisping nemesis is six-year-old Violet Elizabeth Bott, his spoilt neighbour and originator of the chilling threat to ‘scream and scream till I’m sick’.

Despite her ringlets, ribbons in her hair and little Bo Peep dresses, Violet Elizabeth, who is five years younger than William, twists him around her little finger, even making him pretend to be a fairy by threatening to cry.

She eventually tags along with William’s gang the Outlaws and ends up in a bog.

Eight-year-old Isabella Blake-Thomas landed the role after being spotted on the children’s channel CBeebies, and is following in the footsteps of Bonnie Langford, who played the part in ITV’s 1976 adaption of the stories.

She is the only daughter of former actress Lizzie Blake-Thomas, 32, who runs a theatrical company, and her businessman husband Charlie, 34. She got her first break when she was asked to work as a presenter on the children’s nature show Green Balloon Club.

She heard about auditions for Just William when she was on holiday. ‘We were going on a skiing holiday when my mummy got a call for this audition,’ she says. ‘There were about 800 being auditioned and I got a recall.

‘I really love acting. I play with my dollies in my bedroom and make my own little films on a little video recorder. That’s probably why I became an actress because I like acting in front of my video camera.

‘Being in Just William was really, really great. My favourite scene was the bog scene. It was so cold but I enjoyed filming it. It was so funny. I was covered in fake mud. My pillow was dirty for days and I had mud in my ears and nails.’

However, Isabella insists she is nothing like Violet Elizabeth. ‘I loved dressing up like her,’ she says. ‘Her dresses were so big I had to go through doors sideways.

‘But I’m not really like her. Violet Elizabeth is very nagging and annoying and I’m not.’

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