Vancouver is in British Colombia. Vancouver is where a lot of T.V shows are filmed because it costs less due to their current tax incentives and there are a lot of different landscapes to choose from. I am currently  in Vancouver because I am filming. Whilst I am on set I have to go to school. Not regular school but a ‘set school’. Whilst I was ‘at school’ I went on a field trip. I went to Science World, The Aquarium and Gas Town. Science World is a large sphere that contains cool experiments, interesting facts and a bunch of hands on activities. My favorite activity was building a monument out of Jenga bricks. I made Fort Langley. The Aquarium contains, Belugas, Dolphins, Sea Otters, Penguins, Sea Pens, Brain Coral, lots and lots and lots of fish and lots of things to keep as memories. I loved the Sea Pens as they look like fluffy feathers sticking out of the ground. Gas Town is named after John Deighton, nicknamed Gassy Jack because he was so talkative and a great story teller. None of his stories were true, they were filled with air. Hence the name Gassy Jack. I have never been to Vancouver before but I have been to Toronto, Saskatchewan and Regina. I love being here as it has a feel of New York about it. I can’t wait to come back when it will be even better, during summer.