I have been an actress for many years and have learned plenty of things on set about how the film industry works. I’ve always wanted to have a walkie talkie and luckily on my latest movie, I got one. Copy? I was super excited to be named 2nd 2nd AD on The Sounds of Silence. 2nd 2nd consists of making sure that the actors have signed paperwork, everyone has what they need, putting away and giving out walkie’s and any other thing needed. I loved my job because I got to really focus on what happens when I’m not acting. I did have a supporting role in this movie but for most of the shoot I was an AD (Assistant Director). I am fortunate enough to have my mum as the director so I can try lots of different departments on each movie. On the next movie I’m going to try wardrobe. One of the main things I learnt on set this time was how challenging it is to know where your actors are at all time. Some actors like to roam around and its hard on me when I have to find them. It’s definitely made me aware of a lot more when I’m acting.