Book 1
What would you do if you could eat candy that made you do crazy things like fly, jump super far or become crazily agile? In the series The Candy Shop War you can enter this magical world of Colson, California and the life of Nate Sutter, an ordinary school boy…ordinary? When Nate and his friends explore the new sweet shop in town their life will never be the same again as Mrs. White starts a path toward The Fountain Of Youth. Follow Nate, Summer, Trevor and Pigeon on their heroic adventure to save the world from Mrs. White an evil magician.

Book 2
Mrs. White was defeated…by drinking from The Fountain Of Youth while in the process digesting a “Clean Slate” causing her to forget who she is whilst being a 10 year old girl named Lindy. When Lindy, Nate, Summer, Trevor and Pigeon encounter Jonas White… Mrs. Whites brother, their life is once more upturned in the event of finding “Uweya” a magical globe that can control and wipe out the world if placed into the wrong hands. Do the kids have it in them once more to save humanity? Will they succeed in stopping Jonas White? But most of all, will they keep Lindy from learning her true identity?

As I read through this series of books I lost myself to my imaginative side. In fact I was so into the book that I almost told my mum “DON’T EAT THAT CANDY!” This was the first book I have read by Brandon Mull and I hope to read more soon.