The 2015 Ovation awards were amazing! They were hosted by French Stewart and his wife who were hilariously funny. I would love to do theatre now I have watched the awards. I met Tony Amendola and Brighid Fleming and took selfies with them. The awards ceremony lasted for 2 hours. They are the only awards that have a category for sound designers and lighting. We were lucky enough to be there with Marcelo Tubert and Mark Doerr. I went to the Ovations in 2013 and enjoyed it but this was my favorite ceremony. When I left I said, “I wish the Oscars could be that funny.” One of the shows that kept winning was Spring Awakening where half of the people working on the production were deaf and part of Deaf West Theater. The artistic director was deaf so he did his whole speech in sign language and the interpreter watched him and spoke what the artistic director was signing. Since then I really want to learn sign language, I think it would be an amazing skill to have. I hope I get to go next year to experience the positive vibe of theater again.