This summer I am attending an acting course for 4 Mondays. The course is being taught by Joshua LeBar. He runs his own production company and also acts. The course has 4 stages.

1: Pre-Read
2: On Tape
3: Scene Reading With Partner
4: Scene Reading With Partner

My first session was on Monday the 6th of July at Talent House Academy in Burbank. We received the script to practice and learn the day before our session. There were 8 people in the session. We started by reading our script like a real audition. It was important that we learnt the sides off by heart so that we could make decisions about the scene and character. After everyone had performed their scene Joshua gave out notes on how to improve the scene for the next session. I learnt not to indicate me, you and I with my hand. I can’t wait to go back for session 2.