You might think that Storybrooke isn’t a real place but it is. It isn’t called Storybrooke but they set dress the whole street to look the same. Steveston, Canada is the cutest place on earth. It is right next to a little harbor and “Main Street” otherwise known as Monkton Street. It is exactly the same as in the show Once Upon A Time. The only thing that is different is that there isn’t a clock tower. There is a library but there is no clock on top of it. The reason there isn’t a clock tower is because they CGI it on in every episode. When I went to Steveston I saw Granny’s Diner, Any Given Sundae, Mr. Golds Shop, the library and the docks. Granny’s diner is a real cafe but you can’t eat in there. Any given Sundae isn’t a real store as the crew use it to store Steveston shop signs. Mr. Golds shop is a real shop called it’s posh. They sell Once memorabilia so I bought a Zelena magical broach and a sign saying, Entering Storybrooke. Going to Storybrooke was a dream come true. It was just as I imagined, little and cute. If you ever go to Steveston see if you can notice the signs that are left on the shops for fun.