San Diego International Kid’s Film Festival is an event in San Diego, California. This was my first time attending it and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Whilst I was there I got to attend the screening of a short film my mum was producer on. It is called Lady Luck. The first night we attended the opening gala where there were dancers, singers and even a traditional Chinese dance. After the dancers, they gave out certificates to certain films, one of them being Lady Luck. The next day we watched our film. Lots of people came and it was great to see it up on a big screen. We then attended the closing gala and the red carpet. I wore a dress that I bought in New York. I love going to film festivals because I get to meet lots of creative, interesting and helpful people. All the short films we saw were great, congratulations to all of the filmmakers that attended the festival, we hope to see you again next year!