I love going on road trips. It is a time where I can be creative, take photos, write and play games. Who would have thought that going on a road trip to Canada could be such an adventure? We left our house in the afternoon and headed for Sacramento up the 5 freeway. We stopped just outside of Sacramento as there were a few accidents on the freeway. In the morning we drove up to Portland, Oregon which was a silly idea as two days prior to our visit, Portland had been declared in a state of emergency! We drove through so much ice, I could have had cold drinks to give to a billion party guests. After making it through the snow, ice and rain, we made it across the Canadian border, which is easier than one might think. We then went straight to a casting session for an audition! Drive to Canada for an audition? Only my mum would think to do that. ๐Ÿ™‚ We went straight to our hotel after that as it was very late. The next day we relaxed and chilled. We did the same on Sunday! It was great. We watched lots of movies that were nominated for various awards and I learnt a lot about turning points and where they need to be in a script in order to keep the audience hooked. Monday went very quickly as I slept in for most of the morning. Tuesday we woke up very early as we had to go and get some technical passport stuff sorted out which went swimmingly for four hours. We then headed back to our hotel to get some jobs done. On Wednesday we went around Vancouver to Science world for the whole day. Science world is built like a sphere so itโ€™s super cool to look at on the inside and outside. Thursday we went to The Cactus Club for lunch which was a great first experience. We could see the sea planes take off as we ate lunch. On Friday, I flew home because I was filming on Saturday. Check out my next blog to hear about my time on set on Saturday!