I rarely get to perform a character other than a live 13 year old girl. It was a first for me to be a 13 year old ghost. Remnants is a horror film about a girl who was murdered and the way her father copes with it. I love road trips so my mum and I drove up to Gualala, north of San Fransisco to film for two days before we had to drive back for an audition. I got to work with some incredible actors and actresses and some great crew. Makeup for my ghost outfit took an hour and a half and lightening speed and then regular makeup took 10 minutes. I had to have some gashes in my head so they used silicon to create the cuts. There are special molds that you use to make wounds. You use them so that if you need a gash to be the same the next day, you use the mold. It was interesting to see what colors they used to make me look cold and dead. If you see my instagram you will see a video of me dressed as a ghost. Check it out and see what you think. A couple of my scenes were in some tide pools but we couldn’t film in the morning because of high tide. The waves would come crashing in and cover the rocks with ocean debris. We had to wait till the afternoon so the water wasn’t hitting the rocks. It is probably too scared for me to watch but I hope you get to see it.