Prepping for a film is a challenge. It includes sorting┬áreceipts, cast, crew, scripts and much much more. I love being part of a movie’s progression. It’s like getting to see a baby grow up. I’ve been helping with pre-production for two movies that will be shot at the end of the year, The League of Legend Keepers: Shadows (the one I wrote) and Sand Angels. I’ve been helping hole punch scripts, cast the movies, print out receipts and go on location scouts. Shadows is so much fun as we get to come up with ways to make the shadows look even scarier! Sand Angels is a beautiful movie with heart and a majestic presence. I can’t wait to start shooting, I will keep you updated. On the day we cast for Shadows, we cast for Sand Angels too. It was so much fun to be on the other side of the room. We originally had the auditions as closed auditions but then we opened them so that anyone could try out. It was interesting to see who came in. Sometimes we loved someone but they didn’t look right it was extremely difficult to choose. I had so much fun reading with everyone who came in, everyone was so talented. Afterwards we looked through the headshots and put them into groups of who looked right together and who didn’t. It was a very hard decision. By being o the other side, it really helped me to understand that it is just about doing your best and the decision of whether they cast you or not is totally out of your control.