Pilot season is the best time for auditions. It’s when T.V networks get shown a number of different shows and they choose the show they want to turn into a series. This is when they cast the first episode known as a pilot. The beginning and end of pilot season can be quite slow but in the middle you could have an audition a day each week. if you are a performer and already know this but wonder why you aren’t getting as many auditions as your friends then it’s probably because there aren’t any auditions for you. If you are new to the business then don’t worry. Be yourself and be natural. Here are some tips to help you.

-Look at the spacing of your script.
If the spacing is large then you know its a multicam show. If it is small then its single cam.
-Watch T.V
This is the best piece of advice ever! It really helps. Timing is the hardest thing in T.V and film so that is why you need to watch shows with the same timing as your sides or a movie by the same director who is working on your project.
-Ask questions
When you are in the room ask the casting director if you have any questions. They are rooting for you to get the part. If you book it then it makes them look good so don’t be afraid of them.
-Go to a coach.
Find an acting coach who suits you. They will help with timing, feeling, and thought.
If they give you direction then drop what you practiced and just do what they asked. If you are not sure then ask. Give them an example to see if you understood. They would rather you ask otherwise you might not do what they asked and then it would look like you didn’t listen.
-Headshot and Resume
Get headshots printed. Get resumes printed. Have a professional take a your headshots. You will need a handful of different ones.
They need to make you look: Younger, older, rebellious, lively (for Nick or Disney), serious and then one that looks like YOU. If you don’t have anything to put on your resume then…
-Make work for yourself.
This is how people are constantly working. They make their own projects. Find people in the industry you know and ask them for advice.

More than one camera filming at once/ Bigger acting, like Nick or Disney
Single cam=
Only one camera filming/ make your acting more real like ABC or CBS