I recently did a PetCo commercial where I had to sing karaoke with my cat. It was really fun because the cat had to meow during the words to the song. I sang Happy and Counting Stars. The cat was really fluffy. We were actually filming a couple of commercials at once, one was ping pong and one was shopping. There were hundreds of people on set including people from PetCo stores. When I was auditioning for Petco, I auditioned for a girl with long hair and long haired dog, but as you know I now have short hair! When we were taking photos of my costume, we asked if they wanted to see me with my extensions. When the costume lady brought me in front of the producers they said they preferred me with short hair! On the second audition, they changed my part to the girl singing karaoke with cat. It was great because it meant I didn’t have to have long hair. On set there were cats and dogs everywhere! Because sometimes the cat wouldn’t meow along with the words, we had to do a split screen. Split Screen is where they film the cat meowing randomly. They then bring me in to do my singing without the cat, when they have filmed me and the cat separately they then put the screens together to make it look like we were there at the same time. The commercial will be shown on print and on T.V. I will let you know when the commercial is aired, and the print is out.

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