Hola! Bienvenudos a El Grande Circus De Coca Cola!
Hello! Welcome to The Grand Circus Of Coca Cola!
Pepe Hernandez is a Mexican Immigrant who’s family have crossed over the border and made it towards Hollywood to become international stars. With 2 sisters, 2 brothers, a mythological creature, circus tricks and a father, El Grande Circus De Coca Cola is hilariously funny. Watch them to help them achieve their dreams of becoming famous in Hollywood. El grande Circus De Coca Cola is brilliantly performed by all the actors including my friend Marcelo Tubert. My favorite part was when they “perform” on aerial silks. It made me want to be a part of this Grand Circus Of Coca Cola. It is a must see at The Skylight Theatre in Los Feliz, California. Don’t forget to buy your tickets at www.skylighttheatrecompany.com The show will be their till August 23 2015. Remember to keep an eye on you vehicles throughout the show…that warning will make sense when you watch it.

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