I am in Houston for the 4th or 5th time in a year… my mum keeps saying “It’s a once in a lifetime trip.” To get here we drove through California, Arizona, New Mexico and weirdly enough our longest part of the drive was Texas. This time we were there to film a movie with Shawn Welling called “The Blimp Trap.” My character is autistic so I had to do a lot of research on autistic traits. I was given each individual draft of the script to read and learn. We stayed at Shawn’s dad’s house and the day we were about to start filming we had to drive 4 hours up to Kerrville, TX. It was a 4 day shoot because it was a short with potential for a feature. It was great working with everyone on set. I worked with Blaze Tucker, Sebastian Somoza and Renee Somoza and multiple others. We filmed one scene in the rain so we were drenched. I got onto the front of the Kerrville newspaper with a full article about us. For lots of the shots we used a drone. A drone is like a mini helicopter with a little camera so you can film from high up. We used the drone as a P.O.V shot for us up in the blimp. To see our faces we stood in a large window and they changed the lighting to hide the ground but show our faces. The actual Blimp Trap was made from old film equipment. We filmed a video of me describing every little part of the machine and how it worked. My character had a golden retriever called Ranger. He was so sweet with big round eyes and wavy blonde hair. After a We drove through New Mexico, Arizona and home to California.