I’m back! I was up in Vancouver for a producers callback when I got the email that they wanted me back on Once Upon A Time. Just like last time, when I received the script I read it straight away. Seeing as I watch the show, I had no idea what was happening in the storyline but I loved it all the same. My scene is the first one of the whole episode. I was fortunate enough to get to see the older version of me, Rebecca Mader, again. I got to see, Emma, Regina, Hook, Henry, The Black Fairy and Gideon. The cast is so friendly and kind that they feel like family. I have come to know Henry, Jared Gilmore, very well as we do school together on set. I love seeing Rebecca as she calls me her Mini Me and I call her my Big Me! Last year, my episode was one later than this one and it aired on Rebecca’s birthday. This year, my episode aires the day before her birthday! Whilst I was there, I got to visit the set that I couldn’t see last time, it was the outside of Storybrooke but inside! I hope you enjoy my episode, I can’t wait!