Hobbies: Aerial arts, golf and art.

Favourite film or TV series: Once Upon a Time because of the story lines and actors.

Favourite food: Avocado and soy sauce because I like the sweet flavour of the avocado and the salty flavour of the soy sauce.

Most embarrassing moment: I was going after the writers of Once Upon A Time to tell them how I looked up to them when they went through a door I couldn’t enter, so I had to quickly turn around before anybody noticed me. This was before I booked the part in it.

Ultimate ambition in life: To become a writer or actress that inspires others.

Pet hates: When I am having a conversation with someone and they keep using the word ‘um’ or they repeat the same word more than twice.

If you ruled the world: I would name a country after my mum because I love her so much.

Favourite belonging: My books, because they all have a memory in them.

Dream holiday destination: Bora Bora because it has crystal clear water and white sand.

Dead or alive: who would your ideal guest be at a dinner party? Dustin Hoffman, because he is an exceptional actor and would have lots of stories to tell.

What would you do with £1,000,000: Buy an aerial studio with silks, hoops and trapezes.

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