When you see scenes in a T.V show that are outside, you immediately presume that they are actually filming outside. Well, filming scenes on boats outside can be very challenging so what they will usually do is build a fake boat in a green screen studio and have water that they splash at it to make it look real. When it comes to shops, they will usually find an actual store that they like the look of and then build the inside in a studio and when it comes to houses they will probably do the same thing. Some times with inside shots, if they need to film in a castle but they can’t, they will film in a green screen studio and virtually build the castle. It’s fun acting on a green screen because they put props in the room for you to work around but if there are pillars in the ‘castle’ then they will have to mark out where they are on the floor so you can follow a certain line and it doesn’t look like you are walking through a wall. You might ask yourself, what is the difference between a green screen and a blue screen? Well, there isn’t one. The only way to determine whether you use a green or a blue screen is if one of the actors is wearing blue or green. If they are wearing a blue outfit then you use a green screen but if they are wearing a green outfit then you use a blue screen. A fun thing to look at when you are on the internet is:¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0h_BVLRSeI I want to leave you with a question. Comment below if you know the answer.

You are stuck in a green screen room with only, a candle, a rug, a table and editing equipment. You need to get out of this room but there are no lights, no doors and no cell phones. How do you get out?