At my aerial arts studio called Fly, we have different levels. Academy prep, Wind Climbers 1,2,3,4 and Storm Riders 1,2,3. Today I moved up from Wind Climbers level 3 to 4. The logo for Fly is a dragon. For Wind Climbers 1 its white with a red base, 2 its yellow with a red base, 3 its blue with a red base, 4 its black with a red base, storm riders 1 its white with a black base, 2 its yellow with a black base and 3 its blue with a black base. Every time you move up, you do a graduation in front of your family and friends. You get to choose some songs to perform to with your friends. You perform in pairs. Aerial arts are silks like in Cirque Du Soleil and trapeze and hoop/lyra. In Academy prep and Wind Climbers 1 you just use trapeze and silks but any level higher you get to use all three apparatuses. When you perform you perform your form. A form is a choreography on 2/3 apparatuses. You spend every now and again practising and learning your form. ( By the way this is my 100th post!!! Wahooo!!!!!)

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