There is so much to say about Millie. She was funny, caring, loving and most of all a great friend. She was my best friend. I’ve known millie for 5 years and every day has been better for knowing her. On May 11th 2018 Millie passed at 4:29pm. She had suffered through two weeks of being in hospital for countless blood transfusions. On the 7th of May Millie went into a transitional center as the doctors thought she’d be able to go home. On the 8th of May when I landed in NYC on my way to Cannes to the film festival, I received a call saying that Millie had gone back into hospital and didn’t have long left. I finished my connecting flight to Cannes where I found out that Millie was going home and having hospice care in her house. I immediately booked my return flight home having been in Cannes for under 22 hours. I flew home on the earliest flight which was the next morning. I landed in LA on the 10th and went to see Millie straight away. I told her I was going to get some sleep and then see her in the morning. She was very happy to see me. The next morning, I went see Millie at 11am and she was looking happy and well. The nurse told me that if Millie looked pale to tell her because then they would give her oxygen. At 11:30, Millie went pale and said she didn’t feel too good. I got the nurse and we gave her oxygen. At 12:00 Millie became unresponsive until she briefly was awake for 2 minutes before she passed in the afternoon. Millie was such an incredible friend. She helped me get through so much in my life and without her I wouldn’t be the person I am today. A few weeks later, we celebrated Millie’s birthday and marveled at how she would have been 101. A month after her passing, we held a memorial for her where her family and friends attended and we shared stories of Millie’s life. I made a flyer that contained her life story and everyone read it and learned a lot about her.