Have you ever seen a movie where you feel like you are a part of the story? Well that is how I felt watching loving. Loving is set in 1960’s Virginia when bi-racial marriages were still frowned upon. The story was beautifully portrayed but what made it even more special was that it is based on a true story, the Loving V. Virginia case that ended in 1967. Richard and Mildred Loving are a couple that try to hide their marriage when they go back to Virginia after getting married in D.C. Someone leaks to the police that they are married and they get arrested. Mildred Loving was approached by a lawyer, after she wrote a letter to Bobby Kennedy, who told her to call another lawyer as this attorney wanted to take their case to the supreme court. They first went to Virginia to see if they could live together their but Virginia refused so the went to the supreme court. After a lot of back and forth with the court, they won the case. If you look up the Loving V. Virginia case it is very interesting. After the movie, screened, the writer and director Jeff Nichols held a Q&A. He spoke about the way he wrote the screenplay. He wrote the whole thing out on flash cards which he would move around until the movie felt right. He then put the flashcards into the screenplay. He sent it to the producers who had notes. After a day or so of sending the script to the producers, Jeff got a call from Martin Scorsese who had read his script and loved it. He said that the movie was “delicate” so in other words, not to change the story. I realized that the way Jeff wrote his screenplay was very clever as he was able to make all the adjustments on his flashcards so he didn’t have to alter the actual draft.  I will watch this again as I believe it is beneficial to watch movies you enjoy multiple times as you can not only watch it for the story but for the script, the shots and the acting.