Making a short film with friends is one of the many fun ways to make mistakes and learn in the film industry. Aside from Broken Wings I have recently made a short film called ‘Last Chance.’ It was about a young girl coming over from her country on a boat with her parents to start a new life in England but on the way there is a storm and the boat sinks leaving her parents dead and the girl stranded. After many days of paddling with a piece of the boat, land comes into view. She swims with all her strength to get there and when she does she must hide out until she makes a plan. She walks for hours until she finds a hotel to hide in. She climbs into a room to find a cleaners daughter sitting on her bed reading. After 10 minutes of explanations the cleaners daughter finds her friend, Clara (who’s father manages the hotel), sitting in the lobby. She shows Clara the girl and they do everything they can to help her get out without being caught by the authorities. We will be entering it into local film festivals and international film festivals to see what the outcome is. I filmed this with 2 friends on our iPhones and fuji.