This week we had to read the same scene as week 1 but this time they filmed us so we could watch ourselves closely. Then he gave us notes and we filmed one last time to see if we had followed the notes. Watching yourself on camera is extremely important so that you can see if you have any habits you need to change. It was fun to pretend to be producers in a casting session. Joshua taught us that we need to put a dash at every end punctuation mark and write our emotions on top of the lines so we know what we are feeling and what our back thought is. It is important to do this so your scene and character have emotion and dimension and not just be surface acting and not real. Next week we are reading a horror scene with a scene partner.
Week 3
This week he gave us a new scene to read with a scene partner. The genre was horror and it sounded very scary. Joshua told us this script is being filmed at the moment. We each did our scene, he then gave us notes and we then did it again. Next week is a bit of comedy so that should be fun. The classes have been a great learning experience and I look forward to going in each week.