For those of you out there who want to start in the acting industry, here are a few tips to get you started.

1: AUDITIONING: This could by far be the hardest part of acting. Having the courage to put yourself out there in front of people you don’t know is incredible so well done. In the audition room, you have to make sure you are friendly and happy the whole time you are not in your scene otherwise they won’t want to work with you. Make sure you know your lines inside out so you can really act and interact with the person you are reading with whether they are good, bad or professional or the casting director.

2: FILMING: Congratulations!!! You are officially on set!!! Filming is the most exciting part, especially if this is your first job. On set, you don’t actually film the whole movie in order. You will film by location. In other words, if you are in a garden in the 3rd scene and again in the 5th scene you will film both scenes one after the other.

3: PREMIER: This part is where you feel very special because it is YOUR movie premier. Sometimes there will be a red carpet which is very special but sometimes it will just be the first screening of your movie. Talk to as many people as possible because they love seeing your true personality because they have just watched you playing a completely different character.