Being on the set of a movie that is being directed by your mum is as good as it sounds.
My mum, as I found out, is a wonderful director. Hope is a movie about child trafficking. Its a difficult subject to talk about but it is something that happens all over the world especially to young girls around my age. On set the whole crew worked wonderfully together and I enjoyed myself immensely. Being the lead in a feature with such a strong storyline was a great experience. There were a lot of emotional scenes to perform and a lot of thoughts to get me into the moment. It was nice for a change to not be cast as a regular 13 year old girl but a girl with depth and feeling in her personality. Most features are shot over the space of 4 or 5 weeks. We shot this feature in 12 days! The ranch we shot on was the ranch used in my movie Keplers Dream. It was great to be back on the ranch with all the horses and dogs. I had to be careful with my puppy as there was a hawk who lived nearby. The other character in the movie was actually played by my acting coach, Joshua Le Bar. I have only been at home for 3 days but I already miss being on set.