Hoovey is about a boy called Eric who’s nickname is Hoovey because when he was younger he got his hand stuck in a hoover (vacuum). He loved basket ball and practised day and night. When he was in high school he found out he had a brain tumour and had to get it sorted out. He went through lots of surgery to have that part of his skull removed. The doctor said he couldn’t play basket ball ever again or the tumour might come back. I won’t tell you the end so you will have to watch it. This is a true story. I have seen it twice. Once in the same church I watched the Oscars in and the other time at the Sunscreen Film Festival in Hermosa Beach. This is an outstsanding movie about love, tragedies and faith. It was directed by Sean McNamara who directed Soul Surfer. All of the actors are ones you would recognise. www.thehooveymovie.com