The reason I am writing this post is because recently I have been trying to find a mentor. I have sent out lots of emails and tried to connect with people on social media. It is incredibly difficult to get hold of people that would be beneficial to you. You can use twitter, Facebook, instagram, linkedin, google, google+ and tumblr so its easy for you to contact other people but what happens when you’ve sent the email? Do you sit around for 6 weeks waiting for a reply? When no-one replies you think, “Hello? Is anybody there?” I think that people should reply the second they get contacted, even if they just reply with a simple, “I am very busy at the moment but I am happy to answer any questions.” That would be nice just to know that the email works. Otherwise you’re stuck not knowing. Comment on this post and let me know what you think. Do me a favor and if someone sends you an email, reply to it to let them know that your email works and even if they have sent something to the wrong email let them know so that they are not just waiting.