I have recently filmed a new Nickelodeon series called Game Shakers. A Nickelodeon set is entirely different to a film set. Nothing is on location, everything is made by the set designer. When you first arrive, there is a table read of the episode. A table read is where everyone working on the shoot sits around a table and read the script as if you were filming. After that, there are 2 days of rehearsals. Every day you rehearse each scene thoroughly as if you were rehearsing for a play. At the end of each day all the producers come into the studio to watch the episode as a play. On the last 2 days of the shoot we film. Because we have already rehearsed all we need to do now is film it. This show has 4 cameras that shoot all at the same time. This is called multicam. Game Shakers premiers on September the 12 on Nickelodeon. I will let you know when my episode aires.


My episode, Party Crashers is out! Click Here to watch the full episode! Am I American or British?