I’m an actress, a writer, an artist and other stuff too. I never thought I’d be a DOP. Having recently bought a Canon T5i with 2 lenses, a microphone, two lapels, a shoulder rig and a camera bag I decided to play around with my new purchases. I found out shortly after buying these things that I was needed to help audition dogs for a dog movie! It was a great set up when I arrived. I had a cushion on the floor and was set up to film the dogs do their tricks. It was a completely new thing being able to cast dogs. You can’t just get them to recite lines or improv yet you can’t just look at them either. We had to see what tricks the dogs could do and see whether they were gentle with people they didn’t know. We also had to see how they looked standing next to people for height and weight. We had to see closeups, two shots and long shots. We watched them speak and bow. All the dogs were adorably cute and If we were choosing by looks, it would have been impossible! I took my memory card home and edited the favorites together and sent them