I went to a Dodgers VS Angels game last Friday. When we arrived we bought Dodgers shirts and a Dodgers baseball cap. Watching a game feels like you are in a movie; the way they explain who the players are, the commercials and the news reporters. We watched innings 1 through 8 because the game was sold out so it would have gotten very busy if we had stayed till the end. At the beginning we all had to sing the national anthem. Everyone in the stadium stood up with their hand on their heart and faced the flag. At the end of the anthem the last sentence appeared on the screens and everyone sung along. It felt amazing to be part of such an incredibly inspiring country. Everyone is very supportive of their teams. During the game we all did the Mexican wave, we started at one side of the stadium and went all the way round. The Dodgers have an anthem, it goes like so, “Here we go Dodgers here we go!” We ate pizza, fries, a pineapple fro-yo and a Dodger Dog. Each game lasts around 3 hours but it doesn’t feel that long because it is very enjoyable and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. The stadium seats 56,000 people and is very busy when it is sold out. In the background of the stadium the sun reflected onto the mountains which made the view magical. A Good Year blimp roamed around the top of the stadium with a ginormous screen saying “GO DODGERS!” on it. The Dodgers and the Angels played against each other for 3 days in a row; Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Dodgers won all of their games! I hope I can go to plenty of other games in the future.

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