Cinequest is a wonderful film festival that occurs in San Jose every year. I have been going to Cinequest for the past 6 years. This year I was there with my short film “Broken Wings”. I starred in and co-wrote this short. It is based on childhood depression. Being at Cinequest is the best feeling. I know everyone that works there and they know me. I am usually there interviewing but this year I wasn’t, which meant I had more time to go and watch the movies at the festival. Film festivals work in many different ways. There are people who watch the movies and then vote on them, people who count votes and volunteers as well as all the filmmakers. Being at a film festival lets you network with all the filmmakers and you get to experience what your film looks like on the big screen. Some people might think that after they have shot their movie it just goes straight to iMax theaters or DVD. Not always. Most of the time, the producers enter it into a film festival like Cinequest so that distributers will pick it up.