Carole is the most wonderful women ever! She has a wonderful positive vibe at all times and so does everyone attending her class. I am the youngest in the class but am treated like an equal. Everyone there is so supportive and talented. You can either perform scene work, sing a song or recite a monologue. I chose to recite a monologue. I took a piece from the play ‘Daisy Pulls It Off’ by Samuel French. It is a very ‘British’ play and really shows you that fairytale element of Daisy’s life. The class has inspired me to write my next monologue. I have decided to write a comedy piece about an inventor, Clara, who is fed up of being told what she can and can’t do. But when she is told no by her mother, well, she doesn’t argue with that. She is constantly looking at the objects around her whilst ideas are popping into her head to create masterpieces. She isn’t very good at coming up with names for her masterpieces, but her creativity makes up for it. I can’t wait to share my piece as I know that the attendees of Carole’s class won’t judge me and they will support and help me become a better writer, actress and person as a whole.