And the award for best young actress goes to…Isabella Blake Thomas! I am now an award winning actress. At the Houston International Film Festival, after all the awards for movies and screenplays have been given out, there are awards for best actor/actress in a movie chosen by the Houston Broadcast Film Critics. There are usually 5 awards but one of the critics watched a young actresses performance and a young actors performance and said that there had to be two more awards. I won for best young actress as an autistic girl in The Blimp Trap. I had already won 2 awards for my screenplay and short film and The Blimp Trap had won 5 so I thought all the awards for projects I was related to had been given out…but then the actress and actor awards had to be given out. I was sitting down watching politely and then I heard my name. I looked around to see if any other Isabella’s were standing up but no-one was so I realized it was me. I got up and started crying. I walked towards the stage and took my award. I was so happy I couldn’t get my words out. That night was a magical night and I will never forget it.