I recently booked a movie called Agnosia. We filmed it in Sedona, Arizona. As always my Mum and I drove to set from Los Angeles, California. On the way we stopped off in Flagstaff, Arizona and we went to my favorite cafe, Buzz Coffee. They have the best mint tea and burritos! In Flagstaff we drove up to the Lowell Observatory and looked through the Mcallister telescope and saw the moon! We took a tour around the observatory and saw the Clark telescope. Percival Lowell who the observatory is named after was the man who discovered Pluto. I learned that the reason Pluto isn’t a planet is because:

1: A planet must orbit around the sun.

2: A planet must be able to use its gravity to make it round.

3: A planet must be strong enough to push objects out of its way.

Pluto does two of those things. It is unable to push objects out of its path which means that it is not a planet. After Flagstaff we drove to Sedona. Flagstaff is 7,000 feet above sea level so was filled with snow. We had to put snow chains onto our tyres to drive around. We also met one of the guides called Kelly who is actually on the list to visit Mars when the preparations for the missions are complete.