The American Film Market is a big event that happens over 1 week in Santa Monica. It’s where people who have made movies and people who are going to make a movie pitch their treatment and film to distributers, buyers and investors so that their movies will go to the movie theatre. I was there to meet and chat with people in the business. The whole hotel that it is held in is completely blocked off from guests but people buy the rooms to set up booths for their movies or T.V shows. Distributers and buyers walk around the floors and look for movies to buy or distribute. It is incredibly hard to get a film out there. It could take months or even years to get picked up. Some movies that have Jennifer Anniston in it may take quite a few years to be picked up or may not even get picked up. Just because your project has an exceptional name in it doesn’t mean that it will be picked up. It has to be up to the story, the quality of the acting or the quality of the film. There are conferences that happen during AFM to teach people about the buying, selling and producing aspect of post-production. Most of the hotels in Santa Monica have at least one thing to do with AFM happening in them. Whether it be people for AFM staying there or conferences happening. If you are there come find me!