I’ve decided to write a blog on tips to break into the biz. Being an actress is challenging at any time of a career but for first timers it’s even harder.

These 3 steps will help you throughout your career.

1: Find someone who can help.
If you know anyone who is an actor/actress that can help you, then I’ve them a call. Ask some questions.

2: Learning first hand.
Learning first hand is the best way to pick up information. Find someone who can get you on to a set where you can shadow a actor and learn from them.

3: Be yourself.
Don’t try to be someone your not. Producers and directors love seeing the real you. Don’t hesitate to show your true colors. That is what the industry is all about.

Here is a step by step guide!

1: Find courses and camps.
Go on line in your free time and look up acting courses nearby. On some courses they have a showcase where you perform in front of agents and they decide whether they like you or not. If you don’t get one the first time then practice and try again.

2: Talk to your agent.
The best way to find out information is to ask. Your agent is there to help.

3: Your first audition.
Auditions are thrilling. Make sure you have learnt your lines, have a headshot and a resume, (if you have one) and go into the room with confidence. Present your lines as if you and the casting director are the only two people in the world. You might want to have an acting coach till you get familiar on how to prepare the lines yourself. If you don’t book the part then thats ok. It gives you a chance to get better.

4: Enjoy!
If you do book the part after however many callbacks then great! When you walk on to set be yourself. Act natural. It is the best way to show you are ready.

I hope this helps you! Let me know in the comment section.