Ella (Isabella Blake-Thomas) is an eleven year old city slicker who seems to be going through a hell of a time, with her parents being recently divorced, she hardly ever has a chance to speak to her flakey father (Sean Patrick Flanery) and her mother (Kelly Lynch) is about to undergo some severe chemotherapy. Bella is supposed to be spending summer with her dad while her mum is in hospital but he has decided to ship her off her grandmothers in New Mexico instead. Upon getting there Bella finds her grandmother (Holland Taylor) to be a hard nosed, strict and fairly unapproachable lady, however she finds company in the ranch hand Miguel (Steven Micheal Quezada) and his daughter Rosie (Esperanza Fermin). Bella is having a hard enough time with all the crap she is trying not to think to much about, but when her grandmothers priceless book goes missing and Miguel is the prime suspect she is determined to clear his good name…

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